THIS is the 5th EDITION

The 5th Central Eastern European Heat Treatment Forum & Exhibition will take place on April 25-26, 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland (Hotel Haston). This annual international conference and exhibition of the heat treatment industry in Poland and Central Eastern Europe was held first time in 2014 at the specific request of German heat treat companies, primarily AWT or IHT members, interested in developing business relationships with clients in that region.
The purpose of this conference is to illustrate the most recent trends in the heat treatment industry, to share knowledge and to enable the participants to network and establish new business contacts within the frame of the overall industry.

Sole independent heat treat conference in Poland & CE Europe.

Beginning with the first edition most important annual heat treat meeting in the region.

Best  way for a successful Polish and CE market entry.

More and more companies who participated in the previous editions are selling their furnaces and other products in that region already.


About the Event

The broad range of topics makes the agenda interesting to various professionals working in the heat treatment industry


Best practices reports & case studies
Improving heat treatment shop work organization

Selecting the right equipment & technology 
State of the art metallographic laboratory
Heat Treat Shop 4.0 

Norms & specifications in the industry
Recent development trends in heat treatment
Work safety
 in heat treatment shop

Targeted group

The Heat Treatment Forum is intended for companies and people dealing directly with commercial and captive heat treatment, equipment manufacturers, customers and suppliers.

Participant profile

The participants will include company officers, decision makers and other managers, as well as representatives of various corporate departments, such as engineering, process, quality control and sales.


The Heat Treatment Forum is going to deal with aspects concerning vacuum and atmosphere heat treatment processes as such as thermochemical treatment processes, brazing, surface coating technologies, process control, maintenance, quality, technologies used to enhance corrosion resistance or to prevent distortion, as well as equipment, grids, software and the auxiliary devices, quenchants, process gases, etc.

Benefits for the participants

Those attending the Heat Treatment Forum will have the chance to meet personally nearly all the suppliers operating in the industry, potential customers and partners, all in one place and at one time. They will be able to share experiences, update their own knowledge to the state of the art, learn about the most recent technologies as well as find new people to contact in the sector.

At special request we issue training certificates.


Day before the conference, April 24th at 13:00 we start with the Heat Treatment Academy of Excellence. Following several requests we continue with the idea of practical workshops for heat treatment shops. This session will be dedicated to: instruments calibration, SAT and TUS tests, temperature uniformity measurement, newest test methods in the metallurgical laboratory, non-destructive testing of hardened mass parts with eddy current .

Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence

This Heat Treatment Forum Award honors achievements of people of the heat treatment industry with the title “Member of the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence”. During the first event Michel J. Korwin was inducted into the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence. November 2015 also awarded with the prestigious Gold Cross of Merit of Poland. Our second member was named in 2015 and it was Janusz Kowalewski “The Godfather of Globalization”, responsible for several important technology transfers between continents. The third member is Hans Veltrop who was leading in the past manufacturing activities of Bodycote Polska, being responsible for introduction of several state of the art technologies to this country. And in 2017 Greg Matula one of the best furnace designers on the global market. For the 5th edition several candidates are already nominated.