LAST EDITION : April 18th – 19th,  2023 

NEXT  EDITION : April 16th  – 17th,  2024


Heat Treatment Forum is the only independent and since the first edition the most important annual meeting of the heat treating industry in Poland and Central Europe


For many international companies we are one of the few opportunities to appear on the Polish market. A great success of all the editions so far is the fact that more and more participating companies are in the meantime delivering their furnaces, equipment and services to this market, raising the standards of this industry to global levels, while increasing the competitiveness and opportunities of our industry on international markets.

Our Forums are visited by many professionals who wish to exchange knowledge, enlarge their experience or seeking for advice. We regularly present the latest global developments in heat treatment.

Our lecturers are outstanding experts distinguished by their high qualifications and many years of professional experience in industry. Our debates and discussion panels are rated high enough by all participants. The same applies to the numerous possibilities for creating your own networking in this industry.

Participation in the Forum can be treated as a training base for people working in the industry or as a discussion forum for advanced professionals.


This year’s seventh edition

it is different from all the previous by a wide range of international lecturers and presenters who will come this time from England, Austria, the Czech Republic, Holland, Japan, Germany, Poland, Sweden, the USA and Italy. We will also discuss a few new topics.

One of them is high pressure heat treatment, a niche technology but currently rapidly developing in Additive Manufacturing (AM), especially in the aviation industry.

Following requests from many participants, we have also put on the agenda topics that we normally process on the eve of the Forum at our Academy of Excellence, believing that theory combined with examples of practical applications will be of interest to a wider circle of participants at this year’s Forum.

One of our colleagues, who for a few years now in his own UK heat treatment plant has been heat treating components made of titanium, aluminium and nickel for almost all Formula 1 teams, as well as a few other companies producing components for high performance cars and aviation, we asked to introduce us to this interesting topic, about which the world does not write much about and knowledge itself is not easy to get.

We will also present how it is logistically organized and how the world’s largest commercial heat treatment plant operates, processing over 500 tons of components per day in one plant and another 300 tons in the neighbouring sister plant, in all industrially applied heat treatment technologies.

We will also dedicate some time to new heat treatment technologies for aviation as well as to aluminium vacuum brazing itself, which currently displaces CAB technology with the use of fluxes, often harmful to other car engine components as well as to workers’ health.

The Japanese inventor of the technology of low-pressure vacuum carburizing and oil-hardening, a technique with which many equipment manufacturers still have difficulties, will present his achievements. We will return to the topics of plasma nitriding, the latest PVD coating technologies, CFC fixtures, oil and hardening polymers, protective pastes and, as every year, for cleaning parts before and during heat treatment.


Themes of the Forum

concerns issues related both to the heat and thermo-chemical treatment processes themselves, joining metals by brazing, process control, maintenance, quality assurance systems. Our regular topics are:

  • The right choice of technology and appropriate heat treatment equipment
  • Improvement of HT processes and improvement of heat treatment shop organization
  • Best practices and reports from daily work
  • ERP and HT Shop 4.0
  • Standards and latest industry requirements
  • New developments in heat treatment worldwide
  • Work safety in the HT shop


All presentations will be simultaneously translated into Polish and English


Target group of participants

Heat Treatment Forum meets many requests from companies that shape the future of this industry in the world. The wide range of topics makes our program proposal interesting for many professional groups operating in the industry. The participants will be representatives of management, engineering, design and technology departments, quality control and assurance, environmental protection, purchases, sales, etc.

The event is addressed to companies directly applying heat treatment in their production processes and a wide range of equipment and service providers in this industry.


Benefits of participation

The aim of the FORUM is to present the latest projects and trends in the heat treatment industry, to share knowledge, to enable the establishment of business contacts at a higher level. Heat Treatment Forum is an event held annually. Participation in the FORUM is an opportunity to meet directly with suppliers and employees of this industry, potential customers or partners in one place and time. It is an opportunity to exchange experiences, complete one’s own knowledge with the latest achievements of the industry, the latest technologies, as well as complement one’s own industry contacts.


Training certificates

The high qualifications of our experts and their long experience in the industry, as well as the high standard of lectures, entitle us to issue appropriate training certificates to participants


Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence

Every year the Member of the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence awards are presented to people of particular merit for this industry. During the first edition the award was received by Michel J. Korwin and he has been admitted to the Heat Treatment Forum Hall of Excellence. In November 2015 he was also awarded the Polish Gold Cross of Merit. During the second edition, Janusz Kowalewski “The Godfather of Globalization”, responsible for several important intercontinental technology transfers, was nominated.

Hans Veltrop was awarded in 2016 as one of the inventors of PVD technology and a long-time technical director of a group of commercial heat treatment shops, responsible for the introduction of several modern technologies in Poland and in 2017 Greg Matula was one of the most talented Polish designers of heat treatment equipment, operating on global markets. In 2018, Bartłomiej Olejnik was awarded for his entire professional achievements in our industry and in 2019 Jiří Stanislav, who created, built and managed commercial HT plants throughout his professional life. In 2023 Paweł Danielewicz owner of highly specialized titanium service hardening shop in UK, one of the important suppliers to international motorsport incl. Formula One